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Dumbledore's Army

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[Tuesday, 12/30 | 09:22]

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The Story of James Bellum [Thursday, 2/16 | 12:39]

Greetings former members!

I can't express how much I miss this community and how much fun it was to be a part of it. It was so great to form friendships with each and every one of you and I hope we cross paths again soon. Maybe one day things will be back to normal on here.

Right now, however, I have some news! I'm helping work on a new fan fiction experience about an original character I came up with. It's a lot of fun and I can't wait for the official website to launch! For now, though, you can get the latest information on the project at www.JamesBellum.info. Be sure to keep track of the blog and all the information that's released, because, guys, I am SO flippin' excited about the story. It's really going to be a lot of fun and I hope you guys follow us. You can follow us on Twitter as well @JamesBellum, which will automatically post when the website has been updated.


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How's it goin'? [Thursday, 8/9 | 05:39]

Greetings Dumbledore's Army members,

I miss you guys. I miss this community. But unfortunately it's not time yet to bring it back. There wasn't that heavy of a response last time I posted something. I get encouraged by a few select individuals to re-open. I really would like to. But I am a busy person and I feel like it would not be worth my time if no one is going to participate and "upgrade" the community. I would be glad to find time out of my day to post in this community if I had more support, but alas, I don't. Thank you to those who have supported me throughout this hiatus though.

I do have a sliver of good news, however. If any of you have facebook, I have created a community called "Dumbledore's Army." It's been around for a while now. We don't do anything in it, but it is used to bind the group together still... much like the fraudulent galleons Hermione made to notify the members of future meetings. If you would like to join it, here is the link:


I hope all is well.

(Hiatus still in effect)

— Charlie
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Discussion — Harry Potter Month [Sunday, 2/11 | 11:40]

Greetings, members!

Unfortunately, this is not a call to come back. Opening the DA is something I am not yet ready to do. Perhaps in the near future. We will see.

However, I would like us all to stay bonded, so I have arranged a discussion among the group. Remember that in discussions, you may post whatever you wish pertaining to the topic. Have fun with it, for it is interesting, as always.

In the most exciting time of the releases of both the newest book and movie, what are you most anticipating about the month of July (or, as I like to call it, "Harry Potter Month")? What about the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the movie) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the book) is most thrilling? With the book and the movie being released almost within a week of each other, you are bound to find all of your excitement bundled up into one ball. Dissect it and figure out what you are most looking forward to.

In the process of coming up with a nice response for us to read and look into, discuss what you think is interesting about Daniel Radcliffe's new-found interest in doing "more serious" work, such as with the play Equus.

I hope you are all doing well, and remember to stay in touch.

(Hiatus still in effect)

— Charlie

Note: This will give me an idea of who is interested in having the DA re-open.
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[Tuesday, 10/31 | 02:47]

Hello members of the DA,

I am posting to see how every one of you are doing. Post a comment; tell me about life. I hope all is well, my members!

(Hiatus still in effect)
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[Tuesday, 9/26 | 01:20]


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An important announcement by Charlie [Monday, 9/18 | 12:25]

Good early-afternoon to all Dumbledore's Army members,

This has been a very long and exciting journey for Dumbledore's Army and I have been very happy to be a part of it. I appreciate the support I had with the group for the majority of these past few months. I hope to one day encounter it again.

Unfortunately, I will be putting the entire community on HIATUS status. I am not receiving the same amount of support that I once had. It is very disappointing because I spent many hours on this community and it is something I am very proud of. I sort of gave you all an "anonymous" test, which was to see if you'd promote at the asked time. When I took the hiatus off of application processing, I asked all of you to promote the community so we could get the ball rolling again. That clearly has not happened, sadly.

I do appreciate the support of those who stuck with it until the now. I appreciate your communication and dedication and I would like to let you all know that Dumbledore's Army will be back later on down the line. Right now, most members need to re-evaluate their status in this great community. And yes, I would like to call it a great community because in the beginning, it was... because of the creativity, because of the dedication, and because of the members. When you joined, you promised you would be active and support the group. I thought it would be easy to filter out those not as enthusiastic by drawing out the application process with three steps (including an interview!), but I obviously misjudged.

I hope to one day work with you all again.

As of now, Dumbledore's Army is closed.

*EDIT: Under comments, some clarification in bold.
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[Monday, 9/18 | 01:52]

An announcement coming up...

Stay tuned for it (to be posted tomorrow).
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Hiatus Removed [Saturday, 9/9 | 03:10]

Good afternoon everyone,

I will be taking the application hiatus off of Dumbledore's Army very soon. Our next ceremony will be Sorting Ceremony #12 which will take place on September 20th. Tomorrow we will again start accepting applications, so it would be great if you promote the community. If we do not get applications for the 20th, then the hiatus will remain. Also, I'd like to remind you that for every person you successfully promote to, you get thirty (30) points for your house (and every house needs points).

As far as our separate branches and houses go, activities within them will be set on hiatus because we need to re-evaluate a few things...

Thank you.
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Part two of my discussion challenge [Wednesday, 8/30 | 01:19]

Hello everyone, Jess Head of Hufflepuff here again. I think at this point everyone should have had enough time to discuss what makes there house tick. So it is time for part two.

This part is a discussion with the whole group. I would like to have everyone discuss what they talked about in there small groups with everyone.

So to start this discussion off, what makes each of your houses tick?

Jess/ Head of Hufflepuff/ Potions
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Results! [Tuesday, 8/22 | 03:11]

Hey everyone,

I have the results for the trivia from a few days ago! The answer was "Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts students with notes from their teachers." It goes without saying that Dumbledore or any other teacher or staff member can go into the Restricted Section. I awarded partial points this time around...

Points are awarded to...Collapse )

More trivia to come soon!
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[Wednesday, 8/16 | 06:51]

Hello everyone,

Some more sad news...

The following people are in danger of being kicked out of Dumbledore's Army unless they e-mail me telling me why I shouldn't kick them out and where they have been. They've been inactive for quite a while now and there would be no use in keeping them on the Member List. The people IN DANGER of being kicked are...


It would suck if any of these people would be kicked out (especially since one of them is a Head of House)...

P.S. The Member List graphic has not been updated because I recently lost Photoshop in a computer crash. It will be updated sooner or later, don't worry.
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REMINDER! [Wednesday, 8/16 | 06:26]

I am just reminding you that if you have participated in the discussion promopted here (the one by azabeth99), then you may participate in the trivia, here. Today's the last day and if your house is in need of points (which, ALL OF THEM are), then answer the question correctly!
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Magical Branch Placement #11 - August 15, 2006 [Tuesday, 8/15 | 07:13]

Good evening everyone,

It is time to place one applicant in their directed branch! A congratulations to maiiau for completing the last Magical Branch Application before a month-or-so hiatus.

Placed!Collapse )

PointsCollapse )
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Just for Gryffindors [Sunday, 8/13 | 09:09]

Hey guys, I am disappointed in some (or actually almost all) of the Gryffindors who have not been participating in the events on their sub-community gryffindor_da. There’s stuff going on now, so get to it!

That includes (yes, I must embarrass you all now):


... And some others that don’t necessarily deserve to be on the “shunned” list. Just kidding, just kidding. You aren’t shunned. I’m just letting you know because we NEED you to participate. AND, we have the BIGGEST house! How is it possible that only one or two people participate? Thankssssssss.

P.S. Same goes for other houses. If you have not been participating and are considered an "active member," then get back to it. Two people have already been given the boot. :\
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[Saturday, 8/12 | 10:55]

Hellooooo everyone,

It's time for one of our first trivias for the point session! I know everyone's missed it and since the ceremonies have been put on hold (mainly because school is starting up again and no one will have as much time), I decided to give you guys a nice question that will hold you down for a bit...

The following question is worth twelve (12) points to anyone who answers it correctly and only those who have already started participating in the discussion prompted by azabeth99 may answer... ( If your Head of House has not yet posted the discussion in your resident House yet, then you might want to let them know you want to participate in the trivia. :] )

Who are/is the only wizard(s) allowed access to the restricted section of the library?

Deadline: August 16, 2006
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Heads Needed! [Saturday, 8/12 | 01:36]

Good afternoon members,

This is an important notice! We need Heads/Reps for four Magical Branches:

- Care of Magical Creatures
- Charms
- Potions
- Transfiguration

Without these Heads, nothing can be done in those communities.

If you are thinking of becoming a Head (or Representative - means the same thing as 'Head'), then please note that it is important that you are active in the community and that you sign on at least twice per week. If not, PLEASE do not bother sending in an application. You need to be creative with events, etc., etc., etc.

If you would like to apply, you may go to the sub-community where it has no Head and since there will be few or no new posts, you will find the application on the journal (it should be one of the first things you see). Just go ahead and e-mail it to me (my e-mail can be found on the user info.) and I will do with it what must be done (which will be listing it on the main community). From there, people will vote whether they would like you as Head or not.
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Interhouse Discussion [Saturday, 8/12 | 12:00]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello everyone, this is Jess, Head of Hufflepuff. I am here to lead you all in a Interhouse discussion. In my house we had a discussion about what makes a Hufflepuff tick, and the sterotypes around our house. I am now with Charlie's blessing opening this up to all of the House Rep's.

Your task is to bring these questions back to your houses and to discuss them with your group.

1. What makes a Gryffindor tick?
2. What are the sterotypes of your house?
3. Do you feel these sterotypes are accurate? If not then why do people still follow them?

1. What makes a Ravenclaw tick?
2. What are the sterotypes of your house?
3. Do you feel these sterotypes are accurate? If not then why do people still follow them?

1. What makes a Slytherin tick?
2. What are the sterotypes of your house?
3. Do you feel these sterotypes are accurate? If not then why do people still follow them?

I am giving you all till Thursay August 31st, 2006 to discuss this. At that point I will tell you what the second part of this discussion will be.

I hope you all have fun discussing this. If you have any questions contact me and I will try to explain.

Jess/ Hufflepuff Head/ Potions

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Magical Branch Placement Application for: maiiau [Friday, 8/11 | 08:30]

All official members are asked to vote on this application. The result will be posted August 15th

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Leaving on a Jet Plane [Friday, 8/11 | 05:13]

Well, my friends, my Fellow house mates, and branch mates...this will be my last post to this fine community. I fear that my real life is invading quite alot right now, and I have to set up my priorities in the order they need to be in, and at this time, I'm afraid dumbledoresarmy has fallen to the wayside. My interest had been waning honestly, since halfway through the tournament. The only reason I continued in the tourney was I had made a commitment to it. I tried to hold it out...but this community and I don't mesh up anymore.

I will still remain your friend always, and you are all free to friend my journal. I would love to have you all friend it. But right now, I've got school book to get ready for, I'm babysitting, I've got a potential job to look forward to, and my husband will be home soon, and I'm afraid many of you won't see me even on my friends page. I'm sure you understand that.

Therefore, for the last time, this is me, signing off

Loriann/Slytherin/Former Potions Head.
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